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First we would like to shout from the roof top a huge


To all that are reading this.

Three Four One has become a community of women who encourage and lift each other up, letting all our walks become connected in building each other for His kingdom.

What does Three Four One mean?  We are so glad you asked.  Three Four One was founded under the scripture Ecclesiastes 4:12.  

"A cord of three strands is not easily broken."  

We believe that having God in the middle of any relationship that we are more impactful and we find hope in knowing that we are truly better together.  The 3 stands for each of us and God in the middle.  The 4 and 1 is simple, we all serve and are for one God.

We are not meant to do life alone whether it’s with our significant other or with our girlfriends.  Women are natural encouragers and gifted when it comes to nurturing.   We want to come alongside those walking through this life alone. We should always have one hand in front being pulled ahead and one hand reaching back to help pull up the person behind us. 

Our vision is of a ministry that is constantly full of love and helping the women that are around us wherever they may be.

United we stand together!

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