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Crystal is one of the founders of Three Four One Ministry, an author  of a brand new year long devotional “Faithfully Faithful” and the main speaker for Three Four One’s lady’s nights.  Crystal has a desire to fill a gap for ladies seeking and needing more in the community so she decided to leap out in faith to where she felt God was calling her.  Starting with a devotional, that she still sends, and a passion to love those right where they are.  She wants those around her to feel loved no matter their background, or current circumstances.  She knows that through her own experiences, God will transform as He takes the hurt and shame of life's difficulties.  Crystal currently resides in Angier, NC, is married to the most handsome man alive with piercing blue eyes and is a mom to two beautiful children.


Ashley, also a founder of Three Four One Ministry, is wife to a firefighter and mother to two of the most precious boys.  She is driven to serve others with such compassion that it radiates the love of God.  She feels that God calls us to serve those around us through the warmth of generosity and hospitality.  She has a passion for worship and being the body of Christ to all those we come in contact with.  Knowing that there were women around her that needed something more, she begin to follow that calling by using her own gifts to show the love of God.  Ashley is the queen of front-door drop offs and has a heart for building and encouraging for the kingdom of God.



Leigh is married to Rodney, mother of three, a writer, speaker, and Bible study teacher. Leigh has been part of the Three Four One ministry team for over a year.  Her love of humor and encouraging spirit helps to connect women of all ages and all backgrounds as evidenced by her Three Four One’s Sunday Work Week Encouragement posts. Having traveled through the valley of divorce and depression she has a desire to shine God’s light and love into the dark corners of shame and silence to offer hope and encouragement.  Her messages are peppered with history, layers of laughter and woven together with a thread that connects us all, a love of God and a belief in Jesus Christ, with the unwavering knowledge that no matter how far we run, we cannot outrun Him.


Susan, the face behind Three Four One’s Wednesday Pick Me Up.  Three Four One came about at a difficult season in her life and was exactly what she needed.  Thankful that her past isn’t her present because of Jesus’ love and sacrifice.  Susan is excited to be serving with this Women’s Ministry by reaching out to other women and sharing God’s love and mercy in hopes that they will find healing and spiritual growth through Three Four One.  She is a small-town girl from Clayton, NC, police wife and momma to three, working full time as an administrative assistant.  In her free time, she enjoys writing, traveling and photography.

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