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341 Ministries is a very loving atmosphere, a supportive group and a true sense of community.  A safe, comfortable place to grow my understanding of the Bible, to worship and to pray.  On my own, I can become discouraged or distracted but this amazing group of ladies continuously help refresh my faith and my soul.  Month after month as members share their testimonies it helps me to grow and build my own personal walk with God.  Just seeing woman of God living out abundant faith encourages me and has made an impact on me that will last a lifetime.  A sisterhood that has become family to me.  - Tammy D, Angier NC

341 has been such a gift in my life. It was what I always knew I wanted, but never knew how badly I needed it — A group of like-minded, sincere, honest women who loved Jesus and loved me. They welcomed me with open arms and they didn’t even know me yet I never once felt like I was a stranger. I attended their women’s retreat this year and it changed my life. It’s hard to find a group of women that immediately feel like family, but that’s exactly what that retreat gave me. It gave me a new set of sisters. Stories were shared, testimonies were given, conversations were had amongst strangers and no judgment was ever passed. These women love like Jesus does — with no questions or conditions. I’m thankful for the leadership in this group of women and the army of prayer warriors that make up this group. We are better together and, praise the Lord, we are not easily broken.  - Vanessa B, Selma NC

I remember the first time I attended a 341 ladies night. It was August of 2017, and I was so nervous to go because I didn’t know anyone there. I thought to myself “ I’m going to feel so out of place and no one is going to talk to me”.
I thought “ Everyone is going to have their own little click and they will just ignore me”. I walked in and immediately felt so welcomed. It was a welcoming feeling that I had never felt before. It was so incredibly genuine and real. Everyone was smiling and women came up to me and introduced themselves and started talking to me. It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt before in a women’s church setting. I felt something that night that I had longed for ...a “genuineness” I had never experienced before. These women were so kind and so sweet! I had been in a very broken place from recently losing my dad and this ministry started to help me to put the pieces back together again. I attended a retreat with the ministry back in the fall of last year and it was so amazing the work that God did in my heart. The leaders took time to talk to me and get to know me more, and they prayed over me. God spoke to me through all of my hurt and pain that weekend and He told me that I have a purpose through the pain that I have gone through and that is to help others. He showed me that He had led me to this ministry to be able to be a part of all He has going on here. I’m so excited for this year and to see all that is to come in the future. To the amazing leaders of 341, thank you! Thank you for being so wonderful and obedient to what God has called you to do. Thank you for investing your time to minister to me. Now, I realize that God can use me too to help others to see they have purpose through their trials and pain.  - Tammy M, Clayton NC

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